On iOS & Android

An Explosive Celebration

Fly two spirit dragons through vibrant and mystical locations. Set off fireworks to save the festival, collect items to upgrade your dragons, and avoid dangers. Can you light enough fireworks before time runs out?


Two Finger Gameplay

Your fingers control the left and right dragons simultaneously, and each dragon can only collect items on their side of the screen. Do your best to collect fireworks, treasures, and avoid dangers.

An Explosive Celebration

Set off fireworks to fill your celebration meter before time runs out! Stages in Duple Dragon are quick and packed with action from start to finish.

Satisfying Customization & Upgrades

As you play you’ll collect treasures which can be spent to customize your dragons’ looks and abilities. Duple Dragon is built with ethical monetization in mind, and every reward in the game can be unlocked through gameplay!

Gotta Go Fast!

Fly through golden rings for a boost of speed. Go fast to beat the clock! Faster times give greater rewards.